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name: Lee Minwoo
bekannt als: M
nationalität: Koreaner
geburtstag: 28.Juli 1979
alter: 27
sternzeichen: Löwe
größe: 1.75m
gewicht: 60kg
blutgruppe: A
religion: Christ
beruf: Sänger
idole: Usher, Justin Timerlake
hobbys: Cartoons zeichnen, Musik hören, tanzen
alben: Girl Friend Edition, 2nd Winds, 2nd Winds Lineage II Limited Design (CD+DVD), Un-Touch-Able
position in Shinhwa: Vocal/Rap
talente: Breakdancing, Hip Hop Dancing, Singen, Beatbox, Schauspielern

my comment: SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!! Also wirklich, ich liebe ihn über alles <3 Er ist der beste Tänzer der Welt und der sexieste Mann der Welt. Also, Minwoo? I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH <3

INTERVIEW von 2003
How do you feel as a new solo artist?
There were a lot of worries, but firstly I'm happy that I've made a soft landing in the album market. I don't feel like I'm all alone because Shinhwa members help me like it's their own work. Without Shinhwa there would be no Lee Minwoo.
The album sales are showing to be favourable. Is it because of the 'M' marketing just before the release?
'M' started as a collaboration marketing with MSN, M.net, Megapass and MAC. At first it was going to be supported with a certain card company, which was ideal as it was the first thing that came in mind when you thought of 'M', however due to several issues, it was cancelled. Although there were effects from this collaborative marketing, I'm proud of the results of hiding Lee Minwoo and succeeding as 'M'.

It was unique how the same album was released in two different forms.
If you saw the contents, they are actually the same album. It was just the jacket pictures that were different to one another. One of the jacket pictures emphasised freedom, and was named 'Freestyle', while the other emphasised on a masculine side, which was titled 'Mystyle'.

The title song 'Just One Night' is an R&B type. This was unexpected.
Anyone who thought of Lee Minwoo would've thought of a dance singer. I wanted to break that fixed idea. Also because the album is released in winter, I thought a more warmer melody would communicate emotionally better. I realised when working alone, a ballad style fits me well. In this album, there are no strong dance songs which will naturally make you think of Shinhwa. With Shinhwa we went after a different style.

Do you think you have shed the dance singer image?
In the end, I'm still a Shinhwa member so to get rid of that kind of image wouldn't make sense. However I tried to. The music high quality and for clothing I chose a more formal style. Even on stage the dances emphasise on each of the steps rather than the speed that was with Shinhwa.
What was the biggest burden with being a solo artist?
The fact that I'm alone. It was totally different from working together with the guys. It is also hard performing live. However I'm slowly getting used to it, so that's fortunate.
I heard you had a special relationship with Boa who you were with in your previous company. Minwoo: BoA is my adopted daughter. She's small and cute so it was decided she became my daughter and BoA decided to have me as a father (laughs). Even in my phone BoA is saved as 'my daughter'. I dont know what BoA has saved me under, though. I'm happy everything is working out for her as she's been through a lot of hardship at such a young age.

As with all the Shinhwa members, you have been caught up in scandals a number of times. Do you have a girlfriend right now?
I have a lot of friends around me, but right now I don't have anyone to call a girlfriend.
What are your future activity plans?
I'll be performing my solo activities until next year February, and after that we will be all gathering as Shinhwa again. Next year's schedules are significant with Japan concerts and the tour. I think Shinhwa's album will be released at about April 2004.

There are many hundreds of thousands of fans 'Shinhwa Changjo' who always look up to, including yourself, the Shinhwa members. What do you want to say to them?
It's a sure thing that without fans, stars would not exist. We are always thankful. Watch us, Shinhwa, with that first heart.


Aloha. Mein Name ist Nadia & bin das nette Mädchen von nebenan. Ich bin sweet 4teen & liebe azn music. Ich liebe meine Familie & meine Freunde & bin ein Cute-Freak


Ma Playlist

Lady- Attraction
TVXQ - Miss You
Kamiki Aya- Pierrot
Rainie Yang- Sensitive
Lee Minwoo - Last First Kiss
Natasha Bedingfield - I Bruise Easily
Christina Aguilera - Hurt
Justin Timberlake - My Love


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